Alfred Sergel IV



Catching an early morning flight can only be justified with coffee...

As I was standing in line at the airport Starbucks, the house music playing was jazz. It was a tenor saxophone sounding a LOT like John Coltrane. I've been studying Coltrane's monumental album "A Love Supreme" to prepare for an upcoming performance so you would think I could pick out his sound pretty quickly. It was still early for me and the volume level of the music was super low and I simply wasn't sure if it was or was not Coltrane. Then, the piano came in. The voicing of the chord, the rhythmic placement of the chord..the was undeniably McCoy Tyner.

Knowing it was McCoy was all I needed. This was, in fact, early Coltrane.

Still standing in the coffee line, I had this profound realization about how God pairs people or groups of people in order that they not only find their own sound (or calling) but co-labor and assist the other or others around them to discover their sound as well.

In the Acts of the Apostles, I am inspired to read that the first followers of Jesus were known within their community for how much they were "for" one another. Their belief in God was first practiced through their belief, support and encouragement of one another. This belief and hope within this group of first followers was so contagious and outwardly recognizable that they had the "favor of all the people".

Favor rests in our ability to live favorably - graciously showing faith, hope and love - toward our brothers and sisters in this world…to our friends…our family…and total strangers.

Growing older has eradicated my opinion that "love" (as an answer to all problems) is cliche or trite. God, forgive me for being so naive and arrogant.

"Love one another" is not a lofty ideal or trite cop-out, but a grounded activity that we often spend more energy avoiding than practicing.

Coltrane sounded MORE like Coltrane because of McCoy.
McCoy sounded MORE like McCoy because of Coltrane.

They found themselves in the midst of supporting one another. 
They found themselves…They found their sound…
...through loving one another.

Finding and being found.
How is this not God's heart for all of us?